About Us

Our qualified specialists cumulatively spend hundreds of hours per year on R&D, relentlessly testing, qualifying and researching the products and services we offer. 

• Superior Services:  Maintain a team of highly qualified, educated individuals.

We ensure superior services by developing and attracting highly educated, diverse, local-talent. Each member of our team is provided with the opportunity to engage in 80 hours per year of Continual Professional Education from accredited education centers. We continuously seek out qualified candidates and additions to our expanding team. 

Each candidate is subjected to a rigorous three-phase hiring process, including skills and character testing, which help identify key indicators and characteristics of a qualified individual. 

• Integrity: Conduct business honestly, effectively, courteously and professionally. We treat others only how we want to be treated and we approach every situation, relationship and challenge as if we have a life altering stake in the outcome. 

• Equal Opportunity

Portola Systems is an equal opportunity employer; we do not discriminate against any person in employment on the basis of race, color, national origin, religious creed, sex, age, physical disability, or veteran status. 


Technology solutions that Empower


Mission Statement

To evolve as leading computer network engineering and IT consulting firm.

History and Philosophy

Founded in 1994, Portola Systems continues to evolve as a leading computer Network Engineering and Information Technology Consulting firm. Our growth and reputation is a direct result of our commitment to our business values, which aim to build strong, long-lasting personal relationships with our clients and our community.

Portola Systems focuses exclusively on computer network support, computer network administration, systems engineering, and LAN, WAN and Enterprise Network design and implementation for small, medium and large organizations. To support this focus, Portola Systems’ staff dedicates countless hours to improving the quality and value of the information technology service offerings provided.

All Portola Systems solutions are based on mature, proven, open architecture platforms to allow flexibility for future expansion, connectivity and the inclusion of new technologies.


Value Commitment

• Quality:  Provide progressive, sound, best-in-class technology solutions.

Portola Systems relies upon and recommends only the most quality solutions and services.